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New Member Range Safety Orientation Process

New members are required to be given a range and club safety Orientation to go over the range rules and procedures. Some of the things we will cover in the safety session are:

  • Use of Range Safety in Use signs and Range Flags.
  • Requirements for signing into the range use logbooks.
  • Use of Trap and Skeet machines will be demonstrated and safety hazards with machines described.
  • Arrange with the Handgun Director to attend a Handgun Safety Checkout Session if you require and ATT for restricted firearms.
  • Go over expectations for keeping the ranges clean and also tidy.
  • Explain the need to lockup clubhouse and lower range lockers before leaving and also to lock the entrance gate.
  • Explain method of payments for targets and vistor fees.
  • Make sure you fill out the logbook at the range to prove that you are an active shooter and justify having your new ATT
  • Introduce new members to Club Executives if available and how to get in touch with them if required.

Range use process

When you go to use the range please follow the following steps

  • Make sure Range in use sign is flipped down to show range in use.
  • Raise the red flag to show the range is in use
  • Open the locker and sign into the logbook before you start shooting so you won’t forget to sign in
  • Appoint someone to be the Range officer and have them wear an orange RO vest located in one of the lockers in the handgun hut
  • Place your targets on the target backers to avoid shooting up the posts
  • Clean up your mess at the end of the shooting session!!!
  • Put any portable target stands used back to their proper storage location not left out on the range
  • No targets to be placed on the range floor, all rounds fired must impact onto a backstop not the range floor
  • When leaving the range ensure the logbook is secured in the locked locker and the red flag is lowered and the in use sign is flipped up to the range closed position and lock the gate if you are the last one out

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