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So you need an ATT to transport Restricted Firearms

The process for getting a Authorization to Transport (ATT) has changed from the old method. In the past you were required to complete a Club Level Handgun Safety Course before the CFO would issue you an ATT. The club would apply on your behalf to the CFO to get this paperwork taken care of. You still need to take the safety course but after you have completed it you will contact the CFO directly to have a new condition added to your RPAL license to allow you to transport your restricted firearms to and from any approved range in Ontario. The condition that is added to your license is specific to the clubs that you are a member of and any other club by invitation. The club level handgun course will make you aware of the range specific safety rules and procedures and there will be a live fire checkout portion to the course. The club will supply the firearms and ammo for the checkouts. You will need to bring eye and hearing protection with you to the checkout session.

The club charges a fee of $50 for the course to cover the costs of ammo and the a little bit for the instructors time and travel expenses.

How do you get signed up for one of these Club Level Handgun Safety Courses you ask? Please contact the club at Rockcut Shooting Club Contact email address. We will contact you to set up a date and time to do the club level handgun safety course and checkout session.

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